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A-Rod Retirement Plans


A-Rod Retirement Plans
A-Rod now says he has no retirement plan, Authority off on all those departing ability for Alex Rodriguez. The crumbling Yankees slugger still may be accepted his home-run bat in the above leagues afterwards the 2017 season.

After ESPN appear Wednesday that Rodriguez is backward afterwards two added years, if his accepted arrangement expires, he told The Post afterwards in the day in an email, “I’m cerebration in agreement of my arrangement which ends in 2017. Afterwards that, we’ll see what happens. I’ve got two years and added than 300 amateur to play.’’

In added words, a lot could happen.

Rodriguez said he is alone cerebration in agreement of his accepted contract, aggregate abroad is still to be determined. If Rodriguez, who accursed 33 home runs endure season, has two added able seasons, and if a arrangement is offered, he could abide to play.

Rodriguez, 40, has 687 career home runs and is still owed $21 actor anniversary of the next two years. He was abeyant the absolute 2014 division for his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

A antecedent said Rodriguez was alone cerebration in agreement of this specific arrangement in his comments to ESPN and he didn’t anticipate he had fabricated any retirement announcement.

“Who knows what happens in the future?’’ the antecedent said, abacus there is no accurate plan.

Teammate Mark Teixeira said Rodriguez is able of getting a DH “another 5 years if he capital to.”

“Talent doesn’t go away. Your physique can apathetic down to the point area you just can’t accomplish anymore,’’ Teixeira told The Post. “But Alex isn’t even abutting to getting there. This guy is one of the greatest hitters of all time. I don’t see him absence a exhausted this season.’’

If Rodriguez doesn’t skip a exhausted anniversary of the next two seasons, A-Rod at 42-plus may be arena at a ballpark abreast you.

And if the Yankees are not absorbed conceivably addition aggregation would appearance interest.

If Rodriguez hits 27 added home runs he will tie Babe Ruth at 714. If Rodriguez has two added acceptable years he could be aural ambit of attached Barry Bonds’ best home run mark of 762 — he is 75 aback traveling into this season. Anything is possible.

Rodriguez is fourth on the best home run list.

Yankees administrator Joe Girardi said Rodriguez could abide to play and annihilation would abruptness him.

“Yeah, I anticipate he’s accustomed to change his mind,’’ Girardi said in Viera, Fla. “With his adulation of arena the bold and competing, if he had two absolutely acceptable years, I wouldn’t be afraid if he afflicted his mind.’’

A-Rod’s above hitting drillmaster Kevin Continued said in Dunedin, Fla., that he was afraid if the account aboriginal alike about Rodriguez backward in two years.

“If you knew Alex the way I knew him and you knew how abundant baseball agency to him, you affectionate of accept an affection that he ability play as continued as his physique is able to authority up,’’ the Mets hitting drillmaster said. “ I anticipate it’s at the point of his career area it is acceptable tougher and tougher to break in appearance and be accessible and adapt and play at the akin he expects himself to play at, I anticipate that is why you are audition about retirement.’’

Or not audition about retirement.

In the report, Rodriguez was quoted as saying, “I won’t play afterwards next year. I’ve absolutely enjoyed my time. For me, it is time for me to go home and be Dad.”

Rodriguez has begin a way to be “Dad’’ and still excel as a DH. That role could continue. It all depends on what opportunities are out there for Rodriguez.

The Alex Appearance consistently is intriguing.

There are consistently twists and turns. There were absolutely a few Wednesday. For now the appearance goes on and could accept a run best than two years.

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