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Khloe Kardashian, Zac Efron and more stars who are nothing like us

Khloe Kardashian, Zac Efron and more stars who are nothing like us
Stars like Amy Schumer and Madonna may be the aforementioned breed as us boilerplate Joes and Janes, but sometimes it seems like getting animal is just about the alone affair we accept in accepted with assertive A-listers. Accumulate account for several examples of why stars are annihilation like us, starting with this gem: In March 2016, Khloe Kardashian appear that she washes her bedding every two canicule and washes and bleaches her towels afterwards anniversary use. "I looked up what the Internet recommends and activate out that maybe I'm just a little bit added biased about getting apple-pie than I thought," she accepted on her website. Ain't cipher got time for that, Koko! Now accumulate account for more.

We knew Madonna was the Queen of Pop, but this is ridiculous. In March 2016, Rita Ora appear that if she aboriginal met the superstar, Her Madgesty asked her to kneel while they spoke. "I was already accomplishing a alms accident and I met my idol Madonna. I was cat-and-mouse for her and I was shivering... And Madonna walks in with lighting all about her," Rita recalled to The Mirror. "I said, 'Hi, it is so nice to accommodated you,' and she was like, 'This is the lighting here. Can you just kneel down actuality on the floor?' I was like, 'Okay!' So I kneeled down on the attic and we had this chat area I was on the floor. Can you accept that? But that is Madonna and she can do whatever she wants." If you say so, Rita.

In March 2016, Kim Kardashian West visited a dermatologist's appointment while accustomed what People declared as "an acutely rare, no best in assembly 30cm Himalayan Nilo Crocodile Birkin fabricated from albino crocodiles" account an estimated $120,000. If you ask us, the absoluteness TV queen's cher backpack should be in a affectation case -- not out and about on the streets of Los Angeles. But, hey, that's just us.

You'd anticipate there'd be added important capacity to advance with the President of the United States of America -- but nope! Chrissy Teigen appear in March 2016 that if she had a adventitious to confab with President Barack Obama, she asked him what he anticipation of her admired name for her approaching adolescent with bedmate John Legend. "I asked President Obama if he admired one of our name choices, and he said he did," she said during an account with Stephen Colbert. If alone Obama had been on duke to stop Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin from allotment their babe Apple. Speaking of Gwyneth...

If you wish to accept derma like Gwyneth Paltrow's, you'd bigger be accommodating to bead above cash. The Oscar champ is currently affairs a $90 face wash, a $100 moisturizer and a $140 night chrism on Goop, her affairs and e-commerce blog. Thanks, Gwynnie, but we'll stick to whatever we can get from Walgreens in the $5 to $10 range.

It pays to be a Zac Efron fan! In March 2016, the baby alone about $1,000 on a new iPhone for a super-fan who bankrupt his corpuscle while attempting to yield a Snapchat video of the A-list amateur on the set of his accessible film, "Baywatch." What a gent!

In case there was any agnosticism that Kendall Jenner hit the abiogenetic jackpot, the beautiful archetypal appear in March 2016 that she hasn't formed out back afore the holidays -- even admitting she's absolved runways during New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week in contempo months. "I've been really, absolutely bad and I actually haven't formed out already back the Victoria's Secret appearance in November," she told People magazine. Yep, Kendall Jenner is a aberration of nature.

One added acumen to adulation Amy Schumer! According to E! News, the comedienne larboard a $1,000 tip on two circuit of drinks for herself, admirer Ben Hanisch and a few pals if they took in the Broadway hit "Hamilton" in March 2016. "We've served a lot of celebrities at 'Hamilton' and we've accustomed some nice tips but never afore had I apparent a tip that even came abutting to this one," said one of the advantageous bartenders.

We could ample a book with the abounding affidavit why Mariah Carey is annihilation like us. Here's the latest: During a March 2016 appointment to Glasgow, Scotland, the superstar reportedly beatific her administration to buy 20 DVDs, Oreos and bottles of Coke for her kiddos -- at 3 o'clock in the morning. (We do NOT wish to see what a 3 a.m. Oreo emergency looks like in the Carey household.)

No boilerplate cheep toy will answer for Kylie Jenner's new pooch. In March 2016, the absoluteness TV brilliant took to Snapchat to appearance off the latest accession to her brood, Odie. In one video, the ambrosial pup could be apparent chewing on his mom's $400 Fendi keychain. We're not abiding which is worse: a $400 keychain or a $400 bite toy.

What would you do with $20 million? If you're like us, you apparently can't even activate to blanket your arch about what it would be like to accept that abundant chef in the bank. But that's no botheration for Jennifer Lopez, who was spotted hunting for homes in the $20 actor ambit in Beverly Hills, California, in backward February 2016. (We apparently couldn't allow to hire the closet in her bedfellow house.)

Diane von Furstenberg and her husband, media mogul Barry Diller, reportedly alone $100K to carbon their backward Jack Russell terrier, Shannon. The billionaires now accept two new dogs from their admired pooch's DNA. Now that is puppy love!

Siberian Unicorn Remains Found

Siberian Unicorn Remains Found
Researchers Find Remains of ‘Siberian Unicorn’, New analysis has appear the ‘Siberian unicorn’ roamed the planet far added afresh than we originally thought. REPORTED BY

The bad account is it looked annihilation like the allegorical creatures portrayed in so abounding bogie tales.

It was fatter and furrier, and in absoluteness added cornball than stallion. It did, however, accept a huge horn.

This absolute unicorn, or ‘Elasmotherium sibiricu’, was originally anticipation to accept gone abolished 350,000 years ago.

But a well-preserved anachronistic skull begin in Kazakhstan reveals the furry animal was still animate and walking this apple a simple 29,000 years ago, according to a abstraction appear in the American Journal of Applied Sciences.

There is now some abstruseness surrounding how it survived so long.

“Most likely, the south of Western Siberia was a [refuge], area this cornball had preserved the longest in allegory with the blow of the range,” said Tomsk State University scientist Andrei Shpansky, who appear the findings.

The aggregation is acquisitive the acquisition will advice them accept what ecology factors played a allotment in the closing afterlife of the species, and what role clearing played in its adaptation up until that point.

Something they anticipate ability appear in useful, because our accepted altitude change situation.

“Understanding of the accomplished allows us to accomplish added authentic predictions about accustomed processes in the abreast future,” said Shpansky.

Arctic Sea ICE Record Low

Arctic Sea ICE Record Low
The Arctic’s ice has hit another record low, A almanac amplitude of Arctic sea never froze over this winter and remained accessible baptize as a division of freakishly top temperatures produced abysmal – and acceptable irreversible – changes on the far north. REPORTED BY

Scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center said on Monday that the sea ice awning accomplished an boilerplate best admeasurement of 14.52m sq km (5.607m sq miles) on 24 March, the everyman winter best aback annal began in 1979.

The low beats a almanac set alone endure year of 14.54m sq km (5.612m sq miles), accomplished on 25 February 2015.

“I’ve never apparent such a warm, crazy winter in the Arctic,” said NSIDC administrator Mark Serreze. “The calefaction was relentless.”

It was the third beeline ages of almanac lows in the sea ice cover, afterwards acute temperatures in January and February abashed scientists.

The winter months of absolute black and acute algid are about the time of best advance in the ice cap, until it begins its melancholia abatement in spring.

With the ice awning down to 14.54m sq km, scientists now accept the Arctic is bound assimilate a advance of consistently shrinking sea ice – and that is afore the 2016 cook division gets underway.

“If we are starting out actual low that gives a jump on the cook season,” said Rick Thoman, the altitude science administrator for the National Acclimate Service’s Alaska region.

“For the endure few years, we accept had acutely low ice awning in the summer. That agency a lot added solar activity captivated by the darker accessible water. That calefaction tends to backpack over from year to year.”

After this winter’s almanac ice lows, scientists now apprehend added than anytime that the Arctic will be absolutely ice-free in the summer months aural 20 or 25 years.

“Sometime in the 2030s or 2040s time frame, at atomic for a few days, you won’t accept ice out there in the asleep of summer,” said Dr John Walsh, arch scientist of the International Arctic Research Center.

Those changes are already axiomatic on the ground. In 1975, there were alone a few canicule a year if ships could move from Barrow to Prudhoe Bay off the arctic bank of Alaska. Now that window lasts months.

The Arctic will consistently accept ice in the winter months, Walsh said. But it will be thinner and added brittle than the multi-year ice, and beneath reliable for aboriginal peoples who await on the ice as winter carriage routes or hunting platforms.

“It’s not just about how abounding hundreds of bags of aboveboard kilometres covered by the ice. It’s about the superior of that ice,” Thoman said.

The admeasurement of ice awning is a analytical indicator of the changes demography abode in the Arctic – but the shrinking of the arctic ice carries across-the-board after-effects for lower latitudes as well.

The ablaze white snow-covered ice reflects about 85% of sunlight aback into the atmosphere, compared to the aphotic surfaces of the accessible baptize which blot a lot of of the calefaction energy.

“Basically the arctic regions are the refrigerator for the Earth,” said Dr Donald Perovich, a researcher at Dartmouth University. “They are acutely important for getting able to accumulate the Arctic colder, and in about-face advice accumulate the blow of the planet colder.”

Since 1980, however, the summer sea ice awning over the Arctic has gone into a desperate decline, from 7.8m sq km to 4.4m sq km in 2012, afore airy slightly. “It would be as if the absolute United States east of the Mississippi broiled abroad additional the states from Minnesota down to Louisiana, accomplished Arctic Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. It’s huge,” Perovich said.

This winter scientists said the Arctic benumb adjourned aboriginal on, beyond the arctic seas. The sea ice admeasurement was awfully low both in the Barents and the Bering seas – which in accomplished years has been one of the a lot of abounding producers of ice. And it was thinner, abnormally in the Beaufort sea arctic of Alaska, scientists said.

There were a amount of causes, in accession to the almanac top temperatures and butt furnishings of beforehand ice loss.

The El NiƱo acclimate arrangement produced added warming, and the Arctic saw influxes of awfully balmy baptize from the Pacific as able-bodied as the Atlantic side.

In any event, Walsh said it was acceptable more bright the Arctic would never acknowledgment to its antecedent arctic state, even if there are baby assets in ice awning in a individual year.

“The antithesis is alive to the point area we are not traveling aback to the old administration of the 1980s and 1990s,” he said. “Every year has had beneath ice awning than any summer aback 2007. That is nine years in a row that you would alarm unprecedented. If that happens you accept to alpha cerebration that something is traveling on that is not absolution the arrangement go aback to area it acclimated to be.”

ISS To Get Inflatable Spacecraft

ISS To Get Inflatable Spacecraft
SpaceX Set To Bring Inflatable Space Habitat To International Space Station, The aggregation of astronauts at the International Amplitude Base will anon get to use an inflatable amplitude abode afterwards SpaceX 's Dragon abridged launches on April 8. REPORTED BY

Astronauts ability get a anamnesis to their adolescence if SpaceX makes its next cruise to the International Amplitude Base (ISS) with an inflatable amplitude habitat. The Bigelow Abundant Activity Bore (BEAM) will be bankrupt up and taken to the base on April 8, although already it alcove the ISS it will be aggrandized afterwards getting affiliated to one of the station's nodes.

SpaceX's Dragon abridged is set to berth with the ISS a brace canicule afterwards the launch, area the station's automatic arm will grab a authority of BEAM and alteration it to Node 3. The aggrandizement action will yield abode at the end of May or alpha of June, accretion BEAM to 10 times its barrage aggregate at abounding inflation.

Inflatable articles are ideal for amplitude habitats due to their baby accumulation and adjustable volume, authoritative them easier to fit into barrage cars and even cheaper to launch. Already at abounding inflation, the different abode will actualize a accomplished new allowance for the ISS team.

BEAM possesses sensors central the bore that are acclimated to clue thermal, ecology and radiation aegis properties, which will aid it during its two-year break on the ISS to ensure able functioning. During its time on the ISS, the aggregation of astronauts affairs to use the bore two to three times every six months for a few hours at a time.

BEAM was created by Bigelow Aerospace, a aggregation founded added than 15 years ago by Robert Bigelow that accountant inflatable abode technology from NASA afterwards assembly annulled their old abundant abode activity - TransHab - aback in 2000. However, space-based inflatables fabricated their admission aback in the aboriginal 1960s.

In accession to BEAM, NASA is aswell alive with Bigelow Aerospace in adjustment to actuate if their B330 inflatable bore could accommodate any account during their missions to the moon and Mars.

"We're acquisitive to plan with NASA to appearance how B330s can abutment celebrated animal spaceflight missions to the Moon and added destinations in cislunar amplitude while still blockage aural the bound of the Agency's absolute budget," said Robert Bigelow, Bigelow Aerospace's admiral and founder. "NASA originally conceived of abundant habitats decades ago to accomplish above LEO missions, and we at Bigelow Aerospace attending advanced to assuredly bringing that eyes to fruition."

Tumblr Brings Back Replies

Tumblr Brings Back Replies
Tumblr brings back Replies, revamps Notes to encourage more conversations on its service - Yahoo-owned blogging belvedere Tumblr this morning appear two changes to its account advised to animate added conversations and access assurance about posts and added content. The aggregation is bringing aback its Replies feature, removed several months ago, and it’s rolling out an adapted Notes architecture that makes it easier for the association to chase the annotation about a post. REPORTED BY

The Replies feature’s abatement was something that Tumblr’s user abject has been agitated about for some time, not compassionate why the functionality had to pulled entirely. The issues began if Tumblr absitively to focus on rolling out burning messaging on web and adaptable backward endure year, which offered users a way to added anon collaborate with others through real-time communication. However, at the time of the launch, several users were already accusatory about how the burning messaging affection replaced Replies.

As one Tumblr user asked then, “What if I don’t wish to accomplish to a clandestine conversation, I just wish to leave an accessible acknowledgment that others can aswell acknowledge?” The user aswell acicular out that added amusing networks, like Facebook, action both replies and commenting, for example.

Tumblr responded to the user backfire in February, adage that the Replies affection was ability a adapt and would return. The aggregation explained that it had pulled Replies amidst all the changes as Tumblr had developed to accept a amount of overlapping message-like systems, including Asks (where users can Ask a question), Fan Mail, reblogging with commentary, catechism posts, and Replies.

When it formed out burning messaging, it said it had to yield down Replies for best than accepted in adjustment to “do some back-end retooling.”

As promised at the time of this announcement, the acknowledgment of Replies introduces a amount of new options. Previously, Replies acclimated to be a one-way dialog, acceptance the admirers to acknowledgment to the columnist of a post. The new adaptation is added conversational, says Tumblr.

Now, authors can acknowledgment to their own posts, users can acknowledgment to posts assorted times, and Replies are enabled on reblogs, not just aboriginal posts.

In addition, Tumblr users can accept from one of three settings for how they wish to use Replies on their own blogs: they can accept to let anybody reply, alone those Tumblr users they chase and those who accept been afterward them for at atomic a week, or they can use “Safe Mode,” which agency that alone Tumblr users you chase can acknowledgment to your posts.

The added above change to Tumblr’s interface today is a redesign of the “Notes” section. This is the breadth on the blog breadth users can see conversations about a post. However, the way Notes was originally designed, it accent every time anyone had Liked or Reblogged a column and presented this in a continued account of “interactions.” To in fact acquisition if anyone had reblogged with a animadversion on a accepted post, you would accept to annal for absolutely some time.

With the new Notes design, Tumblr has formed up non-conversational annotation at the top – acceptation those Likes and Reblogs that were afore just demography up amplitude are now presented in a accumbent account on one line. Alone those Replies and Reblogs with comments will be displayed vertically. Combined with the reintroduction of Replies, it will be easier to apprehend and participate in the conversations about posts with this update.

The changes to Tumblr’s user interface appear at a time if the arrangement itself hasn’t been assuming as able-bodied as Yahoo hoped if it bought the blogging belvedere for $1.1 billion in 2013. Yahoo afresh bargain its appraisal by $230 actor to $760 million, from its antecedent $990 million. The aggregation aswell accepted it has had a harder time monetizing the website as expected, and this ages removed a barrier for brands affairs ads on Tumblr – they no best accept to accept their own blog on the website to do so.

However, from the angle of Tumblr’s end users – an arguably fickle, and generally teenaged army – Yahoo hasn’t consistently lived up to the affiance that it wouldn’t “screw up” Tumblr. Abounding of the changes to the website accept not seemed to yield into application how Tumblr users were interacting with the belvedere – such as in the case of removing Replies while blame IM.

While it’s able that Tumblr is bringing aback a affection that abounding accept absent dearly, the user abject still feels austere by not accepting their needs addressed for such a continued aeon of time – it’s been about bisected a year back IM debuted, afterwards all.

Tumblr says the redesigned Replies and Notes breadth are rolling out today.

Alaska Volcano Cancels Flights

Alaska Volcano Cancels Flights
Alaska cancels flights as volcano ash cloud spreads 640 km inland, The U.S. states abundance alive was downgraded from admonishing to watch backward Monday as the acuteness of the access 'declined significantly.’ REPORTED BY

The action akin of an Alaska abundance has beneath afterwards the abundance erupted with a massive ash billow that prompted the abandoning of dozens of flights.

The U.S. Geological Survey said in a account absolution backward Monday night that the acuteness of the access had “declined significantly.”

Pavlof Volcano, one of Alaska’s a lot of alive volcanoes, is 1005 kilometres southwest of Anchorage on the Alaska Peninsula, the feel of acreage that sticks out from acreage Alaska against the Aleutian Islands.

The abundance in the 8,261-foot (or 2518-metre) abundance erupted about 4 p.m. Sunday, spitting out an ash billow that rose to 6,000 metres.

Lightning over the abundance and burden sensors adumbrated eruptions connected brief Sunday. By 7 a.m. Monday, the ash billow had risen to 11, 300 metres and apprehension to 80 km/h or added had continued it over added than 640 kilometres into autogenous Alaska.

“It’s appropriate in the wheelhouse of a lot of flights criss-crossing Alaska,” said geologist Chris Waythomas, of the U.S. Geological Survey, allotment of the Alaska Abundance Observatory, forth with the University of Alaska and the accompaniment Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys.

In its account backward Monday, the USGS said that the volcano’s action abatement began about apex Monday and that by backward at night a connected discharge was no best getting empiric by satellite.

Consequently, a abundance alive — that had been at its accomplished level, admonishing of hazards both in the air and on the arena — was downgraded from a admonishing to a watch.

But the bureau said that a cogent access was still possible.

Earlier in the day, Alaska Airlines said it annulled 41 flights affecting about 3,300 barter branch to Fairbanks, Bethel, Kotzebue, Nome, Barrow and Deadhorse. The airline said it will resume its 54 consistently appointed flights on Tuesday if altitude improve.

Volcanic ash is angular and aciculate and has been acclimated as an automated abrasive. The delicate bedrock can could cause a jet engine to shut down. USGS geologists accept compared it to aerial into a beach blaster.

An access of Mount Redoubt in December 1989 beatific out an ash billow 241 kilometres that flamed out the jet engines of a KLM flight accustomed 231 cartage to Anchorage. The jet alone added than 3 kilometres afore pilots were able to restart the engines and acreage safely.

“We just artlessly will not fly if ash is present,” Alaska Airlines backer Bobbie Egan said.

Waythomas had accustomed no letters of ash falling in communities. The abutting community, Cold Bay, is 60 kilometres southwest of the volcano, adverse of area the wind was alarming ash.

Geologists alarm Pavlof an open-system volcano, Waythomas said.

“The pathways that magma follows to the apparent are appealing accessible in a volcanological sense,” Waythomas said. “They can back magma and gas actual easily. Magmas can move to the apparent whenever they feel like it, added or less.”

The movement comes with little afraid of the ground, and the abridgement of earthquakes as an aboriginal admonishing of an access “makes us go crazy ecology them,” Waythomas said.

The volcano, about seven kilometres in diameter, has had 40 accepted eruptions. Its conical, about balanced appearance indicates its eruptions tend to be beneath agitated than the affectionate that assault acme off mountains.

“It can appear for periods of hours to canicule or it can go on for abundant best periods of time,” Waythomas said. “It won’t appear continuously for abounding months or a year. It will be intermittent. But the access aeon could go on for a while, or it could abruptly shut off and be done tomorrow.”

Surface Hub Now Shipping

Surface Hub Now Shipping
Microsoft's giant Surface Hubs finally ship, Microsoft's Surface book has become a success adventure for the aggregation afterwards a aflutter start. Like so abounding products, it was the third adaptation that absolutely took off. Now, the aggregation is searching for lightning to bang afresh with Surface Hub, the table-sized adaptation of the touch-enabled PC. REPORTED BY

Early versions of the Surface book were acclimated in storefronts like AT&T for reside demos. When Microsoft came out with the tablet, it gave the book the Surface name and renamed its all-embracing artefact Surface Hub. Then it promptly disappeared. It was delayed again throughout 2015 and the amount was hiked once.

On paper, the Surface Hub looks actual absorbing and abundant bigger than the primitive, earlier versions I saw at the AT&T store. Instead of a tablet, Surface Hub is wall-mounted and looks like your archetypal big awning LCD TV. It comes in two sizes, 55-inch and 84-inch. It claims 100 credibility of multitouch, up to three accompanying pen inputs, bifold 1080p front-facing video cameras and a four-microphone array. Plus the 84-inch adaptation boasts a 4k resolution.

They aren't cheap, though. The 55-inch and 84-inch versions are $8,999 and $21,999, respectively, afterwards a $2,000 amount backpack endure year. So it makes faculty that Microsoft is aiming Surface Hub at the action bazaar with the ambition of allowance teams coact added easily.

Surface Hub works as an "interactive whiteboard," active Windows 10 and the accepted Microsoft accord accoutrement like Skype for Business, Office, and OneNote and Universal Windows apps. It operates like any Surface tablet, with users application either their fingers or a stylus to dispense the device.

Brian Hall, accepted administrator for business in the Microsoft Accessories group, discussed Microsoft's affairs and how Surface is acclimated at breadth in a blog column announcement the availability of the devices, with belief about how companies like AstraZeneca, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and SHoP Architects are application Surface Hub.

He aswell cited a abstraction of 5 Surface Hub aboriginal adopter barter by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Microsoft of course, with some absorbing numbers. The barter could apprehend allowances of added than $850,000 based on accumulation in accessory deployment and administration costs, abhorred press and accessory acquirement costs, and bigger sales.

Companies that conduct affairs in apartment and accord spaces with a Surface Hub accomplished a 75% advance in limited attendee bureaucracy and post-meeting productivity, extenuative about 15 to 20 account per hour-long affair that would contrarily accept been spent on ambience up video or screen-sharing casework and commutual affair notes.