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Apple Temporarily Pulls iOS 9.3 Update for Older iOS Devices


Update Paused For Older iPhones
Apple Temporarily Pulls iOS 9.3 Update for Older iOS Devices, A few canicule ago, Apple started rolling out the iOS 9.3 amend for all accordant devices. This new body of iOS 9.3 for the iPad 2 is 13E236, while the adaptation appear beforehand this anniversary was 13E234 on iPhone and 13E233 on iPad. REPOTED BY

Apple has briefly chock-full alms the iOS 9.3 amend for beforehand accessories like the iPad Air and beforehand and the iPhone 5s and beforehand due to accession issues some users accept experienced.

Unfortunately, the iOS 9.3 amend has acquired some glitches for a baby accumulation of iPad users, who affirmation that their accessories were bricked afterwards the update. "In some cases, if barter do not anamnesis their password, their accessory will abide in an inactivated accompaniment until they can balance or displace their password". Essentially, acceptance these reports, Apple has just appear that it will abeyance the iOS 9.3 amend for these beforehand devices. One Apple Support Community user, announcement beneath the name "ottoindo" may accept begin a workaround for the affair however.

Some owners accept appear that they were able to plan about the affair by abutting the accessory to a computer and installing the amend via iTunes, while others artlessly performed a abounding accessory restore. It's apparently appealing arresting to amend your accessory and apprehend to play with new features, alone to be bound out of your iOS buzz or book because of a bug.

According to Forbes, the afflicted users affirmation to accept accustomed an absurdity bulletin that reads: "Your iPad could not be activated because the activation server is briefly unavailable". The acceptable account is that the Cupertino Company has already issued a fix for this iOS 9.3 problem, which has larboard acquisitive updaters adjourned at the countersign awning afterwards declining to accredit the software.

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