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Beer Chips Crash: truck crash in Florida


Beer Chips Crash: truck crash in Florida

Beer Chips Crash: truck crash in Florida, Two trucks carriage a couch potato's dream of beer and chips collided in an blow that shut down southbound lanes onInterstate 95 in Florida for about four hours and beatific bite aliment and drinks spilling out on the highway.

The drivers of the semi and the box barter were not actively injured. A clean-up aggregation was alleged in to advice abolish the agitated beer and bite chips.

"We had a front-end loader appear out and beat all of the beer and chips and pushed them to the appropriate shoulder. We accept two of the three lanes accessible now," said Kim Montes, backer for the Florida Artery Patrol. "All of the articles will be befuddled away. they can't yield the accident of them accepting some blazon of centralized damage. They're still aggravating to get the chips and beer out of there," she added.

Troopers reopened the southbound lanes of Interstate 95 abreast the Pineda avenue about 7:30 a.m. today. All of the blocked lanes accept reopened with the barring of the far appropriate lane.

Investigators said the blast happened about 3:19 a.m. in the southbound lanes of the highway, just south of the Pineda exit.

Troopers said that the semi-tractor bivouac accustomed Busch Beer was traveling southbound in the appropriate lane if the disciplinarian attempted to cull into the centermost lane but swerved aback to abstain addition vehicle.

The semi again airtight into the aback of a Frito-Lay barter that had chock-full on the appropriate accept for an alien reason, board said. The blast beatific beer and chips spilling out assimilate the roadway. "The disciplinarian of the Frito-Lay barter was accepting issues with his vehicle," Montes said.

The disciplinarian of the semi, Roverto Ferrer Rodriguez, 54, of Miami, was ticketed for declining to advance a individual lane, board reported. The disciplinarian of the Frito-Lay truck, Zachary Basinger, 29, of Melbourne, was not charged.

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