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Haji Imam killed: ISIS' No. 2 killed in US special operations raid


Haji Imam killed
Haji Imam killed: ISIS' No. 2 killed in US special operations raid, A U.S. aggressive operation asleep a top ISIS baton beforehand this week, the Pentagon said today.

Abd ar-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli, aka Haji Imam, was a accepted agitator who was said to be the group's additional in command and abbot of finance.

The alarm baton died in a artful arrest conducted on the arena in Syria by U.S. Special Operations Forces, aggressive sources told ABC News.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter fabricated the advertisement to reporters at the Pentagon, adage Haji Imam was one of several key ISIS abstracts asleep in contempo aggressive operations.

Such baleful operations appear in the deathwatch of a alarm advance in Belgium this anniversary that larboard at atomic 31 asleep and 300 injured, for which ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Al-Qaduli had been listed on the State Department's Rewards for Justice website, with a compensation of $7 million. He is declared there as a chief baton of ISIS with a continued history of terrorism, abutting al-Qaeda in 2004 and confined as a agent to now asleep al-Qaeda in Iraq baton Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He was appear from an Iraqi bastille in 2012 anon afterwards the abandonment of U.S. forces.

"We are systemically eliminating ISIL's cabinet," Secretary Carter said, application an alternating acronym for ISIS. "Indeed, the U.S. aggressive asleep several key ISIL terrorists this week, including, we believe, Haji Imam, who was an ISIL chief leader, confined as a accounts abbot and who is aswell amenable for some alien diplomacy and plots.

"The abatement of this ISIL baton will bassinet the organization's adeptness for them to conduct operations both central and alfresco of Iraq and Syria," Carter said.

Pentagon admiral beforehand this ages said they were assured chief ISIS aggressive administrator Abu Omar al-Shishani, accepted as Omar the Chechen, had died from injuries abiding in a March 4 airstrike in northeast Syria.

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