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How To Create Google Adsense Account 2016


How to create Adsense account 2016, Many peoples are worrid about aprovel of google adsense account, the article for those who wanted to create adsense account which realy easy and free for all user. first of all you want to create a new GMAIL ACCOUNT ITS ALSO SO SIMPLE let us start to create an gmail account. 1- type in your browser sign up for gmail and click 2- then a page open like below

Just fill the form and continue to gmail 3- open a new tab and type 4- a page open like below

5- Click on sign Up Button 6- A page open like below

7- Clck on sign in 8- a page open like below

9- click on LOGIN ITH CURRENT GMAIL Now you can provide all information and submit application. if your website nice and have good traffic then you get mail after one week or before ... so enjoy and continue THANKS

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