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Man Swallowed 27 Heroin Bags


Man Swallowed 27 Heroin Bags
Surgeons remove 27 bags of heroin from Massachusetts man, The Salem News appear that badge accept Miguel Rodriguez, 51, swallowed the heroin while on vacation in the Dominican Republic to act as a biologic mule. REPORTED BY

Salem badge Captain Conrad Prosniewski said that Rodriguez accomplished abdomen pains and became ill afterwards he ate banquet in Lynn, Massachusetts. Rodriguez was advised with the overdose-reversing biologic Narcan and bound went into anaplasty as two board looked on. The accoutrements of the drugs were not alone removed from the man's stomach, but aswell from his belly and rectum.

The authorities wore "sanitation suits" as they watched a surgeon surgically abolish accoutrements of charlatan and cocaine from Rodriguez's body. The officers, who watched and counted the bags, acquired a seek accreditation and took the drugs from the hospital's anatomy administration and afterwards slapped Rodriguez with biologic trafficking charges. The Globe appear that the artery amount of the 163 grams of heroin recovered is $16,000. The accessible apostle apery Rodriguez couldn't anon be accomplished to animadversion on Rodriguez's behalf.

A adjudicator set his bond at $500,000 and he has been ordered to abandonment his passport. Rodriguez's case is alone a baby allotment of a beyond biologic botheration that Salem and added North Shore locations acquisition themselves in the bosom of.

Salem is hit harder by the opioid crisis and so far 29 cases of balance accept been reported, of which three were about activity threatening. According to Prosniewski, the access in the numbers of overdoses this March could be due to the apportionment of drugs that are abnormally unsafe, acceptation those that apparently accommodate the accretion fentanyl, which increases the authority of the biologic and the accident of death.

Hospital agents alleged badge afterwards they advised his abdomen and detected adopted objects, Prosniewski said. Two sisters in Salem overdosed in Salem endure weekend. "That was a abutting call", he said. When he awoke, Rodriguez appear to medical agents at the hospital that he had alternate from a cruise to the Dominican Republic.

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