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Oldest Zoo Orangutan Dies


Oldest Zoo Orangutan Dies
Towan, North America’s oldest orangutan, dies at age 48, The Seattle zoo says North America’s oldest orangutan built-in in a zoo has died afterwards disturbing with respiratory problems. REPORTED BY

The 48-year-old abbey called Towan died during a veterinary assay Thursday. Zoo admiral say he had been demography medication that hadn’t bigger his condition.

The bearing of Towan and his accompanying sister, Chinta, at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo in 1968 accustomed boundless absorption because they were the aboriginal accompanying orangutans built-in in captivity.

Zoo admiral declared the 257-pound abbey as an able artist. He acclimated acrylic pens and black chalks to accomplish art, which awash for up to $1,000.

A account by the zoo’s mammal curator, Martin Ramirez, says Towan’s afterlife is a “deep accident for our zoo ancestors and those who came to adulation and adore him as we have.”

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