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The Division End-Game Content


The Division End-Game Content
The Division Will Get New End-Game Content Soon, Says Ubisoft - The aggregation at Ubisoft Massive in allegation of The Division is already exploring new options for added end-game activities, accustomed that a lot of players accept already managed to acquaintance all the adventure missions and accept accomplished the akin cap, even if just two weeks accept anesthetized back the appellation was aboriginal introduced. REPORTED BY

The flat explains on the official website that it is planning to action data about its new agreeable in the advancing days, via a reside beck that does not yet accept an official air date, and it's accessible that gamers will accept the new activities afore the end of this month.

Ubisoft has acclimatized on assuming account server aliment for The Division every Tuesday, and the aggregation ability accept that moment to bear an amend that includes the promised new content.

It's cryptic whether a new big application is getting able to abode assorted issues or if the aggregation is just planning to add some added missions and encounters to accord the association something new to play.

In April, The Division is declared to get admission to the aboriginal chargeless downloadable agreeable pack, alleged Incursion, which is advised to add a new bold mode, focused on Player against Environment, which is targeting high-level players who wish to face a new claiming and defended bigger rewards.

More Dark Zone tweaks are aswell possible

This week, Ubisoft bargain the penalties associated with traveling rogue in the Player against Player breadth of the bold and aswell fabricated it added absorbing for players to coursing those who advance their adolescent bodies while they try to abstract loot.

Many admirers of The Division accept complained that the Dark Zone is too affable at the moment, and added tweaks to admission the activity of crisis and the abeyant superior of new items ability admission in the future.

In May, Ubisoft will bear a additional chargeless DLC backpack for its game, which contains a new incursion, and in June, the paid agreeable will alpha arriving, with Underground set to add a new able adversary band while aperture up areas beneath New York for exploration.

Survival will admission in the fall, with these two packs offered with a 30-day exclusivity on the Xbox One, and in the winter, The Division admirers will aswell get admission to a final year-one DLC alleged The Last Stand.

Regular updates will aswell be acclimated to accomplish abiding the antithesis of the bold is acceptable abundant to accumulate players engaged.

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