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Fort Gordon Put On Lockdown


Fort Gordon Put On Lockdown
Fort Gordon put on lockdown after 911 call during active shooter drill, Fort Gordon, a U.S. aggressive abject in eastern Georgia, was put on lockdown briefly afterwards anyone declared 911 — not alive that an alive ballista assignment was demography plac there. REPORTED BY

The Army accession acclaimed about noon, in a column on its Facebook page, that its gates were getting bankrupt “pending an analysis of an declared incident.”

As it angry out, there was no adventure — or, added accurately, not a absolute one.

A assignment was appointed for, and was underway, Thursday in Fort Gordon’s Darling Hall if “an alone in the architecture reacted to an accident advance in the book and call(ed) it into 911,” the abject explained on Facebook.

“Because Fort Gordon admiral were clumsy to absolutely actuate whether or not the 911 alarm was associated with the exercise, Fort Gordon admiral took the address as a accepted threat, canceled the exercise and put the accession on ‪#‎lockdown‬,” the accession noted.

Authorities austere the architecture and bent “there was no real-world alive shooter,” abundant beneath any casualties.

Located in Augusta, Georgia, Fort Gordon is historically and primarily an Army accession — including confined as that branch’s Cyber Center of Excellence and the Signal Regiment.

That said, all four capital aggressive casework accept units at the base. In total, Fort Gordon supports about 13,000 alive aggressive personnel, 57,000 of their ancestors active on and alfresco the abject and some 9,000 noncombatant workers, according to its Facebook page.

It was called for John Brown Gordon, a Confederate abettor accepted — one of the top commanders beneath Gen. Robert E. Lee. A lawyer, he afterwards became a U.S. agent from and governor for Georgia.

This arrest came afterwards “possible grenades” were begin in the man’s car on the grounds, Fort Gordon agent Buz Yarnell said then. That man was doubtable of burglary aggressive accessories at the base.

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