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Garry Shandling Dies At 66


Garry Shandling Dies At 66
Garry Shandling Collapsed While Calling 911 for Help, Assistant L.A. County Chief Coroner Ed Winter told PEOPLE that Shandling, 66, alleged 911 himself afore annoyed and getting taken to St. Johns in Santa Monica, California, area he died Thursday. (It's been appear that the actor suffered a affection advance at his home, admitting Winter said the analysis charcoal ongoing.)

Reported - Winter aswell appear that Shandling does not yet accept a afterlife certificate: "There's no doctor to assurance the afterlife affidavit and we are searching into it. That's all I can say at this time."

Since Shandling's death, tributes to The Larry Sanders Appearance and It's Garry Shandling's Appearance brilliant accept been cloudburst in from accompany and adolescent comedians.

"Sunday, my longtime acquaintance Garry Shandling was here, authoritative every1 laugh," tweeted Kathy Griffin, who'd just spent time with Shandling and Better Call Saul brilliant Bob Odenkirk this accomplished weekend. She continued, "I admired him. I'll absence our talks the most," and Odenkirk added, "I can't accept this. Very sad to say goodbye so abruptly."

Conan O'Brien aswell committed his Conan address to Shandling on Thursday night, saying, "He was a adept writer, a aerialist who went on to actualize abundantly groundbreaking ball appearance that aggressive an absolute bearing of comedians, myself included."

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